Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa: How Shilpa Shetty Lost 32 Kg Post Pregnancy

Written by Taasir


  1. Shilpa Shetty’s core had become weak after child birth
  2. She even complained of pain in the neck, knees and lower back
  3. Vinod Channa worked on strengthening her muscles before reducing fat

When you think about post-pregnancy weight loss, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is definitely the best example. She is in a better shape than ever before and this has been possible only because she and I train on a regular basis. After pregnancy, most women think that their life is over. They stop taking care of themselves and simply dedicate their lives to their children and family members. This is the reason why most married women are unable to have a well-maintained physique. They become more prone to various health issues and lose on their self-confidence as well.

So, I present to you Shipa Shetty’s case as one the best examples of transformation. I want to tell all women that they can be in a better shape and achieve a fitter version of themselves, irrespective of their age and weight. Some women are quite hesitant and doubtful about losing weight after a certain age because they go through a lot of hormonal changes.

Shilpa and her training

When I began training Shilpa after her pregnancy, she had put on 32 kilos because of overeating and lack of movement. Nobody had seen her like this in the past many years. She wanted to get back in shape at the earliest.

Additionally, Shilpa even complained about pain in the neck, lower back and knees. Her core became quite weak because of child birth. Thus, for me, it was very important to address these issues. I had to work on strengthening her weaker muscles and joints first and then move on to the fat loss process. Otherwise, there were high chances of muscle wear and tear and dislocation of joints.

In the first phase of her weight loss, we worked on strengthening her lower back with a lot of lower back flexibility and strengthening workouts. For the knees, we worked on supporting muscles like inner thigh, outer thigh, glutes and transverse oblique. These muscles allow the knee and lower back to do intense and dynamic movements which help them lose fat faster, without muscle wear and tear and joint dislocation.

We also added lot of yoga-inspired exercises and animal flow exercises to get good conditioning of her body, and joint mobility. This helped her get rid of the joint pain which generally happens to women post pregnancy.

After that, I introduced her to lot of body weight training and extreme core exercises which she had not done in past. We also added functional training, yoga, and blended various exercises to make her shed those 32 kilos in 3.5 months.

You can see the transformation in Nach Baliye’s season 1, 1st episode and last episode.

So, I want to make it clear to women that with the right guidance and dedication, everything is possible – even that fitness level which they thought was impossible to achieve. And I have a very strong belief that if a female in a family is fit and promotes a healthy lifestyle, she can help the entire family to get fitter and healthier.

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