How To Respond When Your Child Asks: What Is A Condom?

Written by Taasir


  1. Sex continues to be a taboo in our country
  2. Parents should discuss about sex with children at the right age
  3. Sex education is important for your child’s development

It is almost a dreadful situation for parents when their children question them about anything related to sex or sexual concerns. That sense of awkwardness — which occupies the dining room every time an advertisement of condoms or sanitary napkins is aired — is so deep that parents don’t shy away from simply walking out of the room or abruptly changing the TV channel. Sex continues to be a taboo in our country and that is the reason why sex education is still at stake.

In today’s times, when there’s a bombardment of information on the internet, it is inevitable for parents to not keep sex as a hush-hush topic. Furthermore, it is parents’ responsibility to properly educate their children everything about sex and sexual concerns. This not only makes your child more aware, but also lowers down chances of an unfortunate incident in their future.

So here’s how parents can respond to the questions about condoms asked by their children:

For children younger than 4

Expert suggest that parents can answer this question by saying it is a contraceptive. And when children further respond that they didn’t understand, parents can convince them by saying that they will explain it to them when they understand their body organs in a better way.

However, parents must avoid saying anything like it is an adult thing. This makes children more curious about the product and they might end up seeking other methods of finding out what condoms are. Those methods/sources might or might not be reliable.

For children aged between 5 to 9

Parents can respond to children in this age group by saying that it is a contraceptive which couples use when they are not ready to have a baby. Try maintaining the same tone and level of information for any further questions asked. Inform them about how babies are born in the most playful and fun manner.

Simply ignoring, scolding or asking the child to go away is not going to be of any help.

When children ask you this question at 10 to 13 years of age, you can respond by saying it’s a contraceptive which is used for birth control purposes. You can even take the help of a diagram and visualise the process in an informative and friendly way, and explain to them in detail about what a condom is and for what purpose it is used. Avoid being surprised by the inquisitiveness of your child and educate your child about sex and sexuality. They have already begun with puberty and being supportive, understanding and open-minded is the best that you can do for your children at this age.

But do not ask them to search it all on the internet. That is going to give them too much information for their age.

For children at 14 and above

If by 14, your children have not asked you about condoms, maybe you should find the time to educate your child about it. At 14, children experience hormonal changes and the urge for sex and opposite gender is at its peak. Have a comprehensive discussion with your children and try to make them comfortable during the discussion.

In all circumstances, parents must make sure to bring up the topic about sex and sex education with their children when they hit the right age. It is the most effective way to empower, educate and inform them about an extremely important topic.

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