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Technology…smartest way to increase your customer base

Written by Rizwan Shaikh

Nearly 70% of respondents are of the opinion that having technology is “very” important to the success of their company. Most businesses depend on technology for productivity but do you know it also equally contributes to increasing conversion? True, it is through smart technology that a business is able to make profits which indirectly relates to conversion of leads into customers. Its role has evolved in the recent year’s right from helping to improve business performances to playing a big role in sales conversion.

The continuous evolution has transformed the dynamics of workplace and client delivery. Here are six ways in which it is contributing to boosting business conversion:

API for Cross-server communication:

Enabling real-time bi-directional communication is the essential factor to establish effective communication between customer and vendor.  An API Cross-server communication is more than just a simple request response. It helps to create a way for customer engagement which is again an important element in brining business closer to conversion.

Lead Management system:

Do you know leads convert 22 times when you contact prospects in 5 minutes. This happens when you have a proper lead management system in place. Your business has generated leads, not all leads can be quantified quality-wise. To discern the lead, it is necessary to have a lead management system (LMS), which is accessible to clients and internal members in your business.  Lead management is required to evaluate lead quality, nurturing and then finally handing off to sales team. A lead management system is the result of technology which is one of the essential elements in sales conversion. When businesses do not have a proper lead management system, be ready to witness less conversions, decreasing ROIs and less profit.

Use of in-depth analytics: 

Nearly 53% of respondents are of the opinion that data and analytics are critical for knowing consumer behaviour. This may not be new to you when you’re totally engaged with the use of technology but you will be surprised to know that it is the key component in making you learn more about consumer behaviour.  It is the predictive element of the technology that enables businesses to know about comprehensive consumer profiles and deliver personalized messages.

For example, an individual searching the Internet for a new car might receive a personalized and predictive ad for car insurance.

Conversion tracking system:

When it comes to lead-based verticals, choosing the right conversion tracking is a daunting task. Still, several organizations are hesitant to implement a conversion tracking system. This is because they don’t know where to begin from.

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