World Arthritis Day 2017: Debunking Myths About Arthritis

Written by Taasir


  1. Arthritis is a group of over 100 different conditions of the body
  2. Exercising plays a good role in treating arthritis
  3. Arthritis cannot be cured

Back in 1996, the Arthritis Rheumatism International came up with the idea of World Arthritis Day, a day dedicated to spreading awareness and helping people affected with arthritis. This day also aims at influencing public policy by spreading a strong message about the need for curbing arthritis. For this, let us get to know a little more about arthritis and the many myths and facts associated with this ailment. To begin with, understand what arthritis is. It is inflammation in joints which leads to pain and stiffness that worsens with age. The two most common and recognised forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. But here we will discuss about the many myths about arthritis and state the actual facts instead.

This World Arthritis Day, prevent yourselves from falling prey to these myths about arthritis.

1. Myth-Arthritis is just the second name of joint pains.


No, arthritis is much more than that. It is a group of over 100 different conditions of the body. Severity of these conditions can range anywhere from mild to excessively discomforting. It may even affect internal organs and even hurt your joints.

2. Myth-Arthritis is normal, it comes with age.


Arthritis in no way is normal. And for the aging factor, arthritis does worsen with age, but there is not such fact which states that it will affect you only after you reach a certain age. This is one such condition which can affect you even if you are young and may not trouble you at all even after you cross your 60s.

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3. Myth-When arthritis hits, the best thing to do is give your joints some rest.


Yes you need to give them some rest before returning to your regular activities. But exercising plays a good role in treating arthritis. It is natural to avoid movement due to the pain but making them completely immobile for an extended period of time may backfire greatly.

4. Myth-Some foods and supplements can cure arthritis.


Some people believe that altering diet can help in curing arthritis. Firstly, arthritis has no cure, all you can do is take care of your health, exercise a bit and keep yourself physically active to make symptoms better. Rum-soaked raisins or eggplants or any night-shade vegetable will not cure arthritis for you.

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5. Myth-Ice does not help as well as heat for sore joints.


Both ice and heat work equally well, you just need to figure out when to use them. Ice works better at night by reducing inflammation from daily activities. Whereas, heat works better in the morning to relax muscles move stiff joints.

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