World Sight Day 2017: Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo On The Eyeball?

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  1. Sclera tattoo is the worst thing you can do to your eyes
  2. This way you risk yourself with partial or complete loss of vision
  3. Ink used in such tattoos is not regulated by Food and Drug Administration

World Sight Day 2017, Make Vision Count. How important is it to have your eyes working just fine. The most sensitive part of our bodies that need extreme care in all aspects gets disturbed even with the slightest of dust particles. Let alone the idea of subjecting something as harsh as a needle inside your eye! Till now, contact lenses were the maximum you did to your eyes, but what comes next is a lot worse and a lot crazier. The next worst thing you can do to you your eyes is get them tattooed. Yes, now that you compare the two, contacts are nothing compared to injecting a needle into your eyes.

Sclera tattooing explained
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A lot of you out there would wish to get inked at some point of time or the other. Everyone wishes to get the wildest tattoos in the weirdest parts of their body. But the craziest that we ever heard of was sclera tattooing. Yes, people get the white part of their eyes. Initially this may sound crazy, how can someone get a needle injected into their own eyes, how is this done, how expensive it is, how risky can it be and a whole lot of questions begin to bother you. Here, we will answer your queries. More specifically, we’ll explain how safe or risky this whole process is and whether or not it is good idea to get your eyes tattooed. This World Sight Day, explore more about the whole procedure and safety issues related to Sclera tattooing.

Let’s cut to the chase, tattooing your eyes is clearly a bad idea!

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To begin with, they do not make sense at all. Trust us when we say that this is that one level of discomfort and risk you do not wish to put your eyes through. Getting ink injected into your eyes and for what? You willingly expose yourself to the risk of partial or complete damage of vision solely to look cool. You all must have heard of how tattoo needles can be infected with HIV and other deadly infections and can affect you with the same. So imagine how greatly it will harm you if you get the same injected in your eyes. Because honestly, we cannot think of a medical reason, explanation or health requirement for getting this done. The latest person to get this done is a Canadian model that got purple ink injected into her eyes and it did not end well. Her eye became infected and she suffered a permanent loss of vision from that eye.

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So the bottom line, ‘don’t mess with your own vision. ‘

Sclera tattooing explained
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Another interesting fact about it is that these tattoos are not real tattoos. So this is where the distinction comes to an end. When you get your skin tattooed, the ink stays in there, in just one place. But with sclera tattoo, the situation is different. Since it is not a real tattoo, the ink floats between the sclera and conjunctiva and spreads uncontrollably. With your traditional skin tattoo, chances of the ink slipping too deep into the skin are very low.

“The needle could go too deep and inject ink into the eye. That could lead to infection, decreased vision, and possibly blindness,” says Amy Lin, an ophthalmologist.

Moreover, the ink used in these tattoos is not regulated by Food and Drug Administration. This is your hint, the ink too, is not safe let alone the procedure. The same are used in copiers and even cars.

The next biggest question is, “Who should I get this done from?”

Well there is no such thing as a ‘Certified eye tattoo artist’. A surgical procedure, this one requires a person with a great skill for the task. It is no child’s play to inject ink into the eyes of a person safely (though it is not safe at all.)

“They also can’t advise you about any possible long term impacts,” said Lin. “Given the lack of regulation and experience, you are essentially becoming a guinea pig for a permanent and potentially dangerous procedure.”

So we are stating it outright, this is a bad idea and there are a whole lot of things to think about when you consider getting your eyes tattooed in the first place. This World Sight Day, make vision count and protect your eyes against such risky ventures.

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