7 Vegetables You Should Never Eat Raw

Written by Taasir

You must have heard that cooking robs your food of its nutritional value. The health freaks must have switched to raw veggies in a salad or in any other way. But did you know, not all vegetables are safe enough to be eaten raw? Ironically, they are much more nutritious when cooked. Yes, just like meat and eggs, you need to consume some veggies only when they are cooked. And this little extra effort could be good for your overall health. Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says, “Some vegetables, when eaten raw, can lead to digestive distress. Secondly, there is a possibility of worms in food. Cooking or heating food can make digestion easier and it can kill the worms as well. Some people already deal with digestive problems so they should not eat these veggies raw at all. Also, people who are suffering from problems like IBS also can’t consume raw foods.”

1. Potatoes

Boil them, bake them or try any other cooking technique, but never eat potatoes raw. Potatoes contain starch which is resistant to digestion. Cooking helps in breaking starch which makes it easier to digest. Raw potatoes may lead to gastrointestinal problems like bloating. Also, if you store raw potatoes for too long, they develop green spots. This is due to a compound known as solanine. Never consume such potatoes as it may lead to food poisoning.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in cancer-fighting compounds. Eating them raw would certainly not harm you. However, it is suggestive to cook them first. This way your body will be able to absorb the nutritional value of asparagus in a better way.

3. Wild mushrooms

Mushrooms are healthy, no doubt about this. However, consuming them raw can be harsh on your digestive system. The purpose of cooking is to ensure that mushrooms do not lead to digestive distress. Some varieties of mushrooms can take a negative toll on your overall health if consumed raw. Cooking will help in breaking down these harmful compounds.

4. Eggplant

Do not eat an eggplant raw. Solanine, the compound which makes potatoes unsafe is present in eggplant as well. Young eggplants or the ones which were harvested early contain large quantities of this compound. Eating eggplant raw can lead to gastrointestinal problems and solanine poisoning. To prevent any such situation, cook your eggplants and then eat them. This way they are safer.

5. Brussels sprouts

You would never wish to mess with your digestive system by eating them raw. This vegetable can mess with your digestive tract and cause distress. Toss it with some olive oil and salt in a pan, heat them for a while. This way you will be able to relish its flavor, get maximum health benefits and it won’t mess with your digestive tract either.

6. Broccoli and cauliflower

These cruciferous vegetables could go harsh on you, in terms of digestion. Lightly steaming or tossing it in a pan with some oil can be helpful in making then soft and easy for digestion

7. Spinach

This one may have come to you by surprise. We see raw spinach in salads all the time. Well, spinach is not unsafe when eaten raw. However, cooking helps in releasing its iron and magnesium content which is a much healthier option for you

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