Akshay Kumar: Here’s What It Takes To Be As Fit As The Action Hero Himself

Written by Taasir

Taasir Urdu News Network | Uploaded on 11-September-2018

When you hear the titles chef, stunt actor, taekwondo expert and fitness enthusiast, you know that Akshay Kumar is in conversation. The action hero of India is 51 but looks nothing like his age, thanks to his nothing less than perfect physique. The 51-year-old has given the youth more than just fitness goals. The one thing we all can learn from Akki’s list of attributes is discipline. The amount of dedication the man puts in every endeavor in his life is admirable. Trust us when we say that those excellent biceps, abs and muscular built cannot be achieved without pure dedication. So without much delay, let’s dig deeper into what it takes to be as fit as the action hero himself.

The video below is a pure estimate of the extent to which Akshay Kumar challenges himself. It is flabbergasting to watch him swim with weights. While swimming is a great calorie-burning weight loss workout, doing it with weights makes it all the more challenging and effective. In Akshay’s words (as he mentions in the caption), swimming with weights is a great legs workout and helps in overall core building. However, it has to be ensured that you are good at swimming before going ahead with swimming with weights.

Akshay Kumar, being the fitness endorser that he is, tries his best to make people aware of the dos and don’ts of working out. The video shared below was quite well circulated on social media as funny meme video. But Akshay uses it as an example of how people must refrain from pushing beyond your limits. Many of us, who are regulars in the gym, do get competitive and try pushing beyond our stamina to achieve certain goal. This is a big no-no!

Good health and overall well-being are incomplete without yoga. Health benefits of yoga need no mention. Health benefits of yoga are many, and there is hardly any reason why yoga should not be a part of your workout and fitness regime. Here is our favourite Akshay Kumar doing a handstand, while trying all his efforts to ensure his elbows are straight. Handstands are such that they increase a person’s capacity to focus better, and bring the body and mind in sync with each other. It might take months, even a year till you are able to perfect a handstand. Constant practice and dedication is the only to get through it.


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