AMU Alumni Association Qatar organised interactive discussion on importance of Interfaith Dialogue.

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Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, ex Chairman Delhi Minority Commission & Italian scholar Dr Sabrina Lei were speakers

Doha May 25

An interactive discussion was held in Kanjani hall of Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) where speakers & scholars of various faiths spoke on the topic, “Role of Interfaith Dialogue in promotion of peace & social cohesion”. Scholars who spoke at event included Chief Guest Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, journalist and ex Chairman of Delhi’s minorities commission and Guest of honour Dr Sabrina Lei an Italian scholar who was awarded for her promotion of interfaith work in Europe in recently concluded Doha Interfaith Dialogue Conference (DIDC) 2022. The session was presided by Mr Abraham Joseph who headed IDCC, an umbrella body that oversses Indian Churches in Qatar. ICBF president, Mr Vinod Nair and Professor Dr Bahauddeen Mohammed Nadvi, Vice Chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University were special guests who spoke on the occasion. The meeting was conducted by Dr Nadeem Zafar Jilani, President of AMU Alumni Association Qatar.

Dr Nadeem Jilani in his opening remarks emphasised the importance of interfaith dialogue in current scenario to combat growing religious intolerance and hatred across the globe. Mr Vinod Nair lauded the initiative of AMU Alumni Association Qatar which is an associate organisation of ICBF in bringing representatives of various faith communities together and hoped that more such meetings will be held in future.

Dr Sabrina Lei who has translated over 50 Islamic classics into Italian was received on stage by Dr Ashna Nusrat and welcomed with flower bouquet. She spoke about how she and her husband, who is also an AMU alumnus, through “Tawasul Institute” are spreading awareness about Islam in Italy and dispelling misconceptions.

Dr Nadvi who is ranked amngst top 500 influential Muslims across the world, spoke about all humans being children of Adam & Eve and need to focus on what is common among various faiths rather than on differences.

Dr Zafarul Islam Khan said that a true religious person of any faith will not harbour ill will towards other fellow human beings. It is the politicians and vested interests including clergy that uses religion to divide people for political gains. He regretted that Muslims have not been able to present the true picture of Islam or counter the false propaganda against past Muslim rulers in the context of India.

Mr. Abraham Joseph in his presidential address lauded the initiative of AMU Alumni Association Qatar in choosing an apt & relevant topic and emphasised the need for the communities to come together and promote understanding & respect for each other’s beliefs.

The meeting also saw a lively Q&A session with the audience at the end. Many prominent figures from the community and heads of various social organizations participated which included Prof. Javed Zaidi, Er Jawed Ahmad, Chairman AMUAAQ, Mr Najmul Hassan, President JMI Alumni Association, Mr Bahauddin, Mr Nadim Asrar, Mr Rizwan Ahmad, Er Farman Muhammad Khan, Er Mamnoon Bangash, Mr Aftab Hussain, Mr Khalid Saifullah, Syed Shahabuddin, Mr Irfaullah, Mrs Mahjabeen Hussain, Mr Nayeem Aman and Mr Abad Khan.

At the end Dr Nadeem Jilani thanked guests, the audience and executive members of AMU and JMI Alumni Association Qatar for their participation & support.

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