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Baby Doll of television Madalsa Sharma talks about her show and Fitness – Taasir Daily News

Baby Doll of television Madalsa Sharma talks about her show and Fitness

Written by Taasir
Madalsa Sharma a workaholic actress and model and widely known as Kavya nowadays because of her fabulous acting in the show Anupama. She is truly taking forward the legacy of the Chakraborty family.
She is born into a movie family. Her father is an actress-producer and director and her mother is an actress. Because she was brought up in a movie environment she fell in love with acting in her childhood.
In an exclusive interview, she talked about her character Kavya Anupama and fitness.
She revealed that fitness is her lifestyle and mental well being is more important to her than physical fitness. She loves CrossFit exercises even, she has a Crossfit gym at home. She also said that that matters more than the workout.
Her fans call her by the name Baby doll. And she proved them right by maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle.
Talking about the Anupama show, she said that the show is full of twists and turns and every character has given a proper story and character arc. Talking about his character she said Kavya is madly in love with Vanraj in the show but she also can lead her life without him. She said Kavya is a strong and independent woman. She also has some breaking points but she is never in front of anyone. Because of her character
She got mixed reviews from the people.
She also revealed that her character teaches her bravery and always to take a stand for herself.
She also talked about the new normal after a lockdown on sets. She said the crew is cut to the half and work pressure increases and sanitization becomes normal and also during lockdown when everything is closed her pets helped her to overcome stress.
At the end of the interview, he talked about the OTT platform. She said she loves to work on an OTT series in future because of the content produced by them. She said the OTT platform opens up a new horizon nowadays and gives people one more option to consume content.

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