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Broken But Beautiful 3 Fame Tanvi Shinde Talks About Her Broken Story & Confession – Taasir Daily News

Broken But Beautiful 3 Fame Tanvi Shinde Talks About Her Broken Story & Confession

Written by Taasir

Tanvi Shinde made her route in hearts with the latest show Broken but Beautiful 3. Tanvi played the character of Rumi’s best friend which was highly appreciated by the netizens. Broken but Beautiful 3 got us an amazing story with the male lead by Big Boss fame Siddharth Shukla and female lead by Sonia Rathee.

Tanvi Shinde was born and brought up in Texas, USA but her interest in Bollywood attracted her towards acting.
She used to have a proper American accent that led her to face difficulties to get work. She struggled for almost 7 years and faced a lot of problems and after many auditions, she grabbed the role of Vini.
In the latest episode of Let’s Reveal, Stories with Paayel she talked about her struggle years, her broken story and her experience working with Siddharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee.
She said in her initial years she didn’t know whom to contact and where to go for auditions and she added that she didn’t consider it as a struggle instead she liked to call it a process.
She also revealed her broken story in which she said things happened only to fix you mentally and marked a song lyrics as an inspiration.
She said initially she hesitated to take up a negative role as a debut and never saw the non-leading character as less effective, she always treats the non-leading character as same as the leading characters.
She also confessed that nowadays social media number game is becoming very important in the showbiz industry. She said actors have to work on their social media accounts to get media attention.
She also shared her experience working with Sidharth Shukla and talked about her bond with Sonia Rathee. By concluding, she reveals that in her upcoming year she sees herself working in a movie.

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