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COVID-19 app Bihar's another effort on the pandemic – Taasir Daily News

COVID-19 app Bihar's another effort on the pandemic

Written by Taasir

The COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc in the entire world .The numbers of the infected are rising by the hour and are taking the J-curve. In such challenging times few like minded people from Bihar including Mr Ghanshayam Tiwari have started an initiative ( to help casual workers from Bihar and create awareness around COVID-19. They have already claimed to have helped around 93 families and touched the lives of over 450 people.

The mobile application called the “Bihar ka Sathi app”  is available on the famous Google Play Store for download. From providing accurate information to the public regarding the Corona virus updates in the country  to raising funds- this app does it all. This app features a SOS call that provides immediate assistance to people who raise calls for help and not just regarding Covid-19 but also with respect to complications in pregnancy and unavailability of food etc. The SOS feature sends the coordinates of the person in distress to the relevant officials for necessary remedial action., which is the first set of solutions that was selected at the meeting of the National Action Group of PIIndia (Parliamentarians with Innovators For India), which is an inclusive, bipartisan, pan-India action group for fighting Covid-19. This group aims at responding to the pandemic by collaborating with Members of Parliament in India, state level legislators, public policy experts, subject matter specialists, and business leaders to help the teams offering innovative solutions that impact, improve, and/or save lives.

Contributing to this war against the pandemic by donating to the relief fund is made easier by the donate feature on the app. There is also an Artificial Intelligence based chatbot that assists the users to access a more personalized help.This chatbot supports four languages namely English, Hindi, Maithili and Urdu for the ease of use of the locals.It provides important outbreak related information, and is based on WHO’s and MOH guidelines for accuracy and reliability

In addition to the app, the initiative called has also launched a web based chatbot that awares the citizens about facts regarding the virus outbreak such as latest figures, travel advisories, mythbusters, donation options and professional advice by medical professionals from esteemed institutions such as AIIMS and others in four different languages, which includes English, Hindi, Maithli and Urdu. It sources information from the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health, India so that credibility is ensured.

While speaking to one of their coordinator Sharique Khan told Taasir that “The Community Action Group for Bihar, is for all like-minded people willing to come together to fight the gloom and doom scenario and work towards lifting the public spirit in Bihar. The ‘Community Action Group For Bihar’ is one such mission that invites and brings together some of the like-minded individuals and capable and credible organisations to contribute in the fight against COVID-19 for Bihar and for the nation.”

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