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Dr Zakir Hussain Birth Anniversary 8 Feb planned to observed as Basic Education Day – Shakil Kakvi – Taasir Daily News

Dr Zakir Hussain Birth Anniversary 8 Feb planned to observed as Basic Education Day – Shakil Kakvi

Written by Taasir

Taasir Urdu News Network – Syed M Hassan 7th Feb

24th Kainat Foundation Day is inaugurated at Kainat Nagar,Kako,Jehanabad,Bihar.

Dr. Zakir Hussain , services and contribution in the field of education is recognized  at village kako, Jehanabad, Bihar .

The Kainat International School , Kainat Nagar,Kako,Jehanabad,Bihar observed its 24rd Foundation day as Basic Education Day on the eve of  125th  Birth Anniversary of Late Dr. Zakir Hussain , Great Educationist , founding member of Jamia Millia Islamia Central University ,Former Governor Bihar, Former Vice-president and President of India . Shakil Kakvi, Founder secretary ,Kainat Foundation appealed to people to observe 8th  February As” BASIC Education Day “  in recognition of the services of Late Dr. Zakir Hussain in the field of Basic Education policy as an educationist.

Dr.Semi  Iqbal,Associate Professor , S.N.Sinha Collage,  Jehanabad inaugurated Basic Education day along with Mr. Lateef Shmsi , Freedom fighter and Mr. Akshever Singh, S.H.O,Kako police station. Dr.Semi  Iqbal  appreciated the role of kainat Foundation & Kainat international school for observing Dr. Zakir Hussain Birth Anniversary as Basic Education Day and encouraged students for their roles in developing scientific models. Mr. Lateef  Shamsi , Freedom fighter, explained the life skech of Dr. Zakir Hussain and mentioned his personal attachments with  Dr. Zakir Husain as Student during his study at Jamia Millia Islamia . Shakil Ahmed Kakvi, explained the need of Basic Education and promotion of Mother tounge. Shakil Kakvi praised Dr. Zakir Hussain for initiating the Basic Education work during 1920 pre independence of the country along with Mahatma Gandhi . Shakil  Kakvi  stressed on Education for all, bridging the gap between traditional and Modern Education. kakvi mentioned “ The kainat International School was started in a rented building on 8th February 1999 and now today the school is 10+2 CBSE Affiliated school at my native village Kako  of Jehanabad District ,Bihar ,India .

The students of kainat International school mounted science exhibition followed by literary activities. The Basic Education Day program will be continued on 8th & 9th February 2023. The program has added value with Science exhibition with Madarsa students participation and Mobile exhibition van of Patna, Sri krishan Science center, National council of Science Museum ( NCSM) including Telescope. Large number of parents, community leaders participated and appreciated the efforts of Kainat international school in the field of education.

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