EMAT 2018: Hot Topics in WAT/ GD Rounds Aspirants Should Know

Students aspiring to get admission to Executive Post-Graduate Program (EPGP) in Management at IIM Kozhikode, Kochi have to appear for EMAT (Executive Management Aptitude Test) for the same. The further criterion to short list qualified and deserving candidates is through Group discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds.

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Many a times, candidates who have scored well in the qualifying exams, are not able to ace the next rounds. The reason for the same is lack of preparation and knowledge of these rounds. These rounds test you for your smart work, general knowledge and activeness.

To help you understand more, some of the key topics for WAT/GD rounds are given below, along with key tips to clear every round.

List of previous year topics for WAT/GD rounds:

  • All decisions in a democracy should be taken through referendums – IIM Lucknow
  • Suggest ways to reduce the problem of teacher absenteeism in primary and middle schools – IIM Bangalore
  • Name should be more important than money – IIM Kozhikode
  • Farmer suicides are on a rise. What measures do you suggest to improve this situation? – IIM Calcutta
  • Net Neutrality – IIM Lucknow
  • Promoting Hockey in India- SPJIMR Mumbai
  • Whether juveniles who committed serious crimes should be tried as adults or not- JBIMS Mumbai
  • Need of vocational training in today’s education system- IIM Rohtak
  • Case study on freedom of expression. Should there be limits or not?- IIM Ahmedabad
  • Entrepreneurship in India- IIM Ahmedabad

Expected Topics for WAT/GD-

Usually the topics asked in the above rounds are based on current affairs and general knowledge. Some of the expected topics for this year are likely to be based on things which were in news for a long time in 2017. The same are listed below:

  1. Cross-Border Terrorism
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Will AI replace Humans?
  4. Merger of Banks- good or bad?
  5. Effects of Demonetization
  6. Triple Talaq
  7. Right to privacy
  8. GST and its impacts
  9. Cashless Economy
  10. Smart cities mission- How successful it is?


Tips for WAT/GD rounds-

WAT- WAT or Essay writing round is basically to check your writing skills. Below are some points that you should focus on, in order to crack this round.

  1. Read newspapers: Make a habit of reading newspaper daily as it will keep you aware about the latest happenings around you.  By inculcating a regular reading habit in your schedule, you will not only be aware of the current happenings, but will also be able to prepare for the exam. Try finding various editorials in the newspaper, these editorials will provide you with an exact way of expressing your ideas.
  2. Develop writing skills: Start working onyour writing skills by writing an essay daily.Pick up current affairs and try formulating an opinion on the same by weighing all the pros and cons. While writing the essay, keep the following things in mind-
  3. Follow a pattern: Follow a pattern for your essay; divide it in proper paragraphs with prominent and compelling introduction and conclusion.  Try not to exceed the given word limit for the article.
  4. Stick to the topic: Stick to the topic from beginning to the last; your essay should revolve around the given topic as deviating from the topic will make the reader loose interest in your write-up. Do not add unnecessary data or examples in your essay.
  5. Time Management: Complete your essay within the stipulated time. It means you should have an ability to express all your views and ideas within the given time frame.


Group Discussion Round- GD round is basically to check how effectively you can deliver your thoughts. This is little more difficult than writing an essay as less time is given to think about the topic and the key is to put your opinion forward in a decent manner.

Stay updated with the current affairs to prepare for your GD round. Read newspapers, watch news channels and follow information portals and websites to stay updated with the current events.

While participating in the GD round, you should remember following points-

  1. Do not panic- When you are given a topic for GD, you may or may not have knowledge about that topic. Remember, not to panic in such a situation.Try to think whatever you can say about the topic and put your point of view forward with confidence.
  2. Jot down important ideas- As soon as you are given a topic, write down important points that come to your mind so that you can use those points while speaking on the topic.
  3. Express yourself and be confident –Express yourselves fully and be confident in the same. You should put your ideas in front of others and try to get them to agree with you.
  4. Pay attention to others views as well- GD is a group activity you should also pay heed to what others are saying. Listen carefully and then agree or disagree as per your choice.

Hope this article was helpful and enable you to ace these rounds with zero difficulty.

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