Indian Cooking Tips: How To Keep Homemade Ginger-Garlic Paste Fresh For Months

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Indian food is famed for its deep, complex flavours that is mostly given by the range of spices we have. Among some other spices, ginger and garlic are staple ingredients that are used to cook almost all Indian dishes. From curries to biryani to chutneys, these two spices form the base of all the foods that we relish every day. Apart from enhancing the flavour of the meals, ginger and garlic also add in their various health-giving properties. There’s a reason we are advised to drink adrak wali chai if we are down with flu or we are asked to gobble down raw garlic with a glass of water in the morning to alleviate stomach issues. Ginger-garlic paste is required to make almost every dish and it can be quite a task to peel, grate or ground these spices every time we start off to cook. Here’s a smarter way to cook flavourful meals with this paste without putting in so much effort every single time.

Pre-made ginger garlic paste is easily available in the markets, which makes our job so much easier. Just scoop out the paste from the can and use it. But, we all know that it is laced with preservatives to keep them good for a long time.

Our busy schedules might not leave us with the time and the energy to go through the drill of making the paste all the time. Here’s a smarter and healthier way of using homemade ginger garlic paste without compromising on health. Follow this step-by-step guide to make and store ginger-garlic paste in such a way that it keeps fresh for months together.

Homemade ginger-garlic paste recipe tips: 

Step 1 – Take equal parts of ginger and garlic. Make sure that both the spices are ripe and fresh as well.

Step 2 – Peel and cut the spices into small pieces.

Step 3 – Wash them and let them dry on an absorbent paper towel.

Step 4 – Blend the ginger and garlic pieces in a blender with one tablespoon of oil and one teaspoon of salt. Keep blending until it turns into a smooth paste.

Step 5 – Cover a tray with cling paper tightly. Scoop put a teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste and place on the paper. Likewise, take several scoops of the paste and place on the paper separately. Cover the tray again with cling paper and put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours.

Step 6 – When the paste binds into firm balls, remove the cling paper and transfer all the individual ginger-garlic balls in a zip lock back. Leave one side of the zip open.

Step 7 – Insert a straw through the open end and blow out excessive air from the zip lock bag and immediately take out straw and zip it close.

Step 8 – Store the zip lock bag in the freezer and use whenever required.

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