Is Your Hair Falling Or Thinning? Health Expert Luke Coutinho Suggests Some Natural Remedies

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Taasir Urdu News Network | Uploaded on 12-September-2018

Want to get healthy hair? Hair are said to be the crowning glory and it is absolutely normal if you are dealing with excessive hair fall or hair damage. It is important to remember that the condition of your hair and skin can be an indication of the state of the body on the inside. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of your hair and skin for the long term benefits. Patience, some lifestyle changes and some hair care tips can help you with hair thinning and hair fall.

Health Coach Luke Coutinho in his Facebook video suggested some causes of hair fall and ways to avoid it.

Some causes of hair fall:

  • Nutritional deficiency: The primary reason of hair fall can be deficiency of the important nutrients and vitamins like iron and zinc. If the red blood cell count is low in your body you should include dates, nuts and seeds, apples, spinach, lentils and lemons in your diet
  • Losing weight drastically: When you lose weight drastically or over train it can lead to hair fall.
  • Thyroid: Men and women who have thyroid problems can face the problem of hair fall. But they can fix it their thyroid problem some lifestyle changes and adequate nutrition
  • Protein: Proteins are said to be the building blocks of the body. Therefore, over-consumption or under-consumption of protein can also lead to hair fall. Ensure that you include good quality of proteins in your diet. For instance, the combination of rice and lentils is a perfect source of protein and can do wonders for hair.
  • High blood pressure: People with high levels of blood pressure may tend to lose their hair far more quickly

1. Vitamins: Some vitamins like vitamin C and biotin help promote hair growth.The human body needs to produce collagen, which is essential for healthy hair and skin. One must take vitamins  from food or supplements. Foods like citrus fruits, broccoli and spinach should be included in your diet.

2. Stress: Too much stress about anything be it relationship, work or financial can lead to damaged hair.If you reduce stress in your life you can promote healthy hair growth. You can start doing yoga or meditation to reduce the stress in your life.

3. Olive oil and cinnamon: You can prepare a hair mask by mixing cinnamon powder and olive oil. You should apply this mask at least twice a week. This will not only solve the problem of hair fall but will also give a nice texture to your hair and make your hair voluminous.

5. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has high amounts of acetic acid and pH level. Simply blend one cup of water with two to four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and rinse your hair with it before your normal shampoo routine.


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