JEE Main Paper Only in English, Hindi and Gujarati, Not in Tamil

Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development, UpendraKushwaha informed Lok Sabha that it would be impractical to prepare JEE Main question paper in Tamil language. Former Minister and Dharmapuri MP, AnbumaniRamadoss had earlier asked whether the Center was planning to prepare the question paper for JEE Main in Tamil.

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Since the preparations for April 8 are almost complete, the minister said that it would not be feasible to make the exam in all other Indian languages including Tamil.

Currently, JEE Main aspirants can choose from English, Hindi and Gujarati while filling the application form. However, the choice of Gujarati is only limited to only those who are the natives of Gujarat and its union territories- Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

When the same was raised to the conducting body, Central Board of Secondary Education, it said that the government of Gujarat had earlier requested the board to conduct the examination in Gujarati in 2013. It was only now that it was made possible to conduct the exam in an additional language other than Hindi and English. However, many activists in Tamil Nadu said that this amounted to discrimination.

“There are 22 official languages in India. If they are conducting it in Gujarati, they should also be conducting in the rest of the languages. This goes against the constitutional principle of equality,” said Prince GajendraBabu, an educationist.

The same became a matter of controversy when the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) and other organizations urged the central government to allow JEE Main aspirants to opt for Kannada language, while filling the application form.

S.G. Siddaramaiah, KDA Chairman commented that it was unfair on the part of the government to ignore all South Indian Languages as a medium for JEE Main question paper. He also said that if Gujarati was chosen as an additional language for the question paper, then why other languages were not given this privilege.

Kannada Development Authority also criticized the government for not taking this step so far. The authority stated that this decision should have been implemented long before.

Apart from the authorities, various students organizations were also furious about not including Kannada as a medium for JEE Main paper. Ravinandan B.B., Vice President of All India Democratic Students’ Organization, said “In case some majorly used vernacular languages are included in JEE Main, it will help a lot of rural and talented students across the country”.

He said that many students could not score more marks and move forward with their studies despite of enormous talent and IQ. Many students belonging to rural areas in the country are not able to perform as per their full potential since they are not able to crack the exam because of their unfamiliarity with English language.

If they are given an opportunity to get JEE Main in Kannada, students will definitely ace the exam as they would not have to face the language barrier.

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