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JMI organises Landscape Workshop – Taasir Daily News

JMI organises Landscape Workshop

Written by Taasir

Taasir Urdu News Network – Syed M Hassan 22nd Oct.

The Department of Architecture, Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) organized a Landscape Workshop in association with Indian Society of Landscape Architects, Delhi NCR on 20th October, 2022.  The workshop was a part of the college outreach series to schools of architecture in Delhi and NCR by eminent practitioners in the field of landscape architecture.The Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) is a professional body of Landscape Architects which has been at the forefront in creating a global awareness about the fast emerging profession of landscape architecture and channeling leadership in the creation of artful design in our manmade, cultural and natural environments.At the onset of the workshop Prof. Hina Zia, Dean Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics explained  students how Landscape Architecture plays a larger role in addressing challenges of urban development impacting ecology and rather only providing solutions to beautification.Prof. Qamar Irshad, Head, Department of Architecture welcomed the guest speaker Mr. Nikhil Dhar, Landscape Architect and an educator. Mr. Nikhil Dhar is a leading figure in the advancement of Landscape Architecture education across the country being a member on the ISOLA education board as well. He is a member of the visiting faculty at CEPT University Ahmedabad and School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Ayla Khan, Associate Professor and Ar. Madiha Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture. It was spread over three interactive sessions. Session one introduced the discipline of landscape architecture and scale in which it functions.Session two laid emphasis on the process to stimulate an experiential approach to understand a site through the senses and create a landing expression based on the reading ‘Four trace concepts of Landscape Architecture’ by Christophe Girot. This was followed by a 20 minute design exercise based on the landing exploration.

Session three looked at the poetic inspiration of design based on Japanese haiku which are short poems that tell a story or paint a vivid picture that usually contains a reference to season or time and are open to several interpretations. The second activity for the students was to express a space in a haiku and create a design direction through another haiku.Students participated with enthusiasm and felt involved since the workshop had interactive sessions and had take-aways of perceiving landscape through a renewed understanding of open spaces. The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks and a token of appreciation to the guest Mr. Nikhil Dhar.


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