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Mother’s International Academy, Patna conducted the session of Youth Parliament – Taasir Daily News

Mother’s International Academy, Patna conducted the session of Youth Parliament

Written by Taasir

Taasir Urdu News Network – Syed M Hassan 19th Nov.

Mother’s International Academy, Patna had conducted the session of Youth Parliament. The aim of the event was to strengthen the roots of democracy, enhance the students’ knowledge, develop healthy habits of discipline, tolerance towards the views of others and to enable the student community to understand the working of our parliamentary institutions.

It happened in phases where the first phase consisted of the selection phase of     Members and Oath taking. Then, through a debate session the young parliamentarians were selected. Later they were trained by going through various debates, discussions and by watching various procedures of formation of government , legislation and    sessions in Parliament.

The entire event was depicted in two parts. First was a stage show that represented   various election processes, oath-taking and introduction of parliamentary members, which included the announcement of election, election campaigning, casting of vote, formation of government. The program was followed by Obituary reference of queen Eliza beth II with 2 mins. of silence.

The second was the conduction of the youth parliament. It was a representation of the protocol that takes place during the Lok Sabha session. With a levelheaded speaker, and mighty parliamentarians, a wonderfully insightful parliament was held. It was a learning process for the students, who got to know about the details of the seating       arrangement of the house, various points regarding business-like oath taking, obituary reference, introduction of new minister, code of conduct, welcome of foreign           delegates, question hour, zero hour, no confidence motion, bill reading and all the   other procedures.

The following students along with many std. IXth & Xth students enacted as the roles of different members under the expert guidance of social science department of the school. The entire event and arrangements of the event was held under the dedicated guidance of the Principal, Ms. Supriya Chatterjee.

Speaker- Ms. Nafeesha

Secretary General- Mr. Abdullah

Lead opposition leader- Mr. Shadab Alam

Anchor- Mr. Zaheen Haque

Min. of Industry- Ms. Sania Fatima

Min. of Law- Ms. Jasmine Sajid

Min. of commerce- Mr. Faraz Usmani

Min. of parliamentary affairs- Mr. Kaif

Min. of state parliamentary affairs- Mr. Aryan

It ended with a valediction, where a press release and certificate for recognition and appreciation were handed over to students. Students were highly enthusiastic to       participate and enjoyed the whole process. It was indeed a really great learning        experience for the students to learn the importance of a healthy atmosphere for          debating, discussion, accepting other’s view points and enhancing their ability to arrive at a decision after group discussion, develop the quality of leadership and consider public issues and form their opinions on them.

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