Neha Kakkar And Himansh Kohli Made-Up On Instagram With Loved-Up Notes

Written by Taasir

NEW DELHI: We spotted yet another post about Neha Kakkar on Himansh Kohli’s Instagram, in which he has apologised to the singer after what appears to be a recent fight. “I’m sorry for behaving rude the other day… but our bond is not that weak that a silly thing will spoil our relationship… Nehu you’re my strength, my angel… if you only wouldn’t understand me who else will? Anyway… all I know is that I love you and always will!” is how Himansh offered peace on Instagram. His heart-felt note was attached to a photo of the two of them together – Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar are rumoured to be dating for a while now. However, Himansh’s loved-up post was accompanied with the tags “My bestie” and “friends forever.”

Neha was quick to have spotted the apology on Instagram and responded with an apology note in the comment’s section. “I’m sorry, He-Man, I shouldn’t have reacted this way but when you love someone so bad, you can’t see them behaving rude with you. Sorry, love you too,” she wrote. While it may appear to be a case of a rumoured couple making up for a lover’s spat on Instagram, both Himansh and Neha strictly maintained the inclusion of the term “bestie” in their captions.

Earlier this month, the duo trended a great deal after Himansh surprised Neha with a midnight bash on her 30th birthday. He also shared a greeting for her on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli featured in new single Oh Humsafar, which went crazy viral with 10 million views within a day. The duo often feature in gossip columns for reports about their rumoured relationship, which these two have never acknowledged. Neha Kakkar is best known for songs like Oonchi Hai Building 2.0, Kala Chashma and Main Tera Boyfriend. Himansh Kohli made his acting debut with Yaariyan and has featured in TV show Humse Hai Liife.

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