Pistachios (Pista) For Weight Loss: Why And How These Nuts May Help You Get Fit

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There’s nothing better than a handful of nuts to slake untimely cravings. Nuts make for healthy, crunchy snacks. They may not be as appetising as other snaking options, but are the best thing to consume on a weight loss diet. But, if you think that you’ll have to forgo good taste, remember all those delicious desserts with pistachios smattered all over them. A garnish of pistachios only makes your dish taste better and also look better with the glint of bright green colour. And, here’s another reason to nosh on these nibbles as much as you want, guilt-free. Pistachios (or pista) may also help you lose excessive weight!

Why Are Pistachios Good For Weight Loss?

1. The first thing that makes pistachios a weight-loss-friendly food is fibre. The dry fruit contains a good amount of dietary fibre that may ease digestion of foods, boost metabolism and induce a feeling of satiety.

2. Pistachios also brim with proteins, which is again a weight-loss-promoting nutrient. According to the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA), hundred grams of pistachios contain 20 grams of proteins that provide a bundle of energy to the body.

3. Pistachios also contain monounsaturated fats (healthy fats), which are soluble in nature and are known to prevent weight gain.

4. It is important to avoid extra calories on a weight loss diet; hence, pistachios – a low-calorie food – are a great option.

How Can You Include Pistachios In Your Weight Loss Diet?

1. Garnish

This is the easiest way to consume pistachios. Just crush them into small pieces and sprinkle over your breakfast cereals, pancakes, salads and desserts like ice-creams, and traditional Indian sweets including kheer, halwa and phirni.

2. Roasted Snacks

On a non-stick pan, roast some pistachios till they change their colour. Add in some salt, pepper or other spices like chaat masala or garam masala. You can also use these roasted pistachios for garnishing, to spice up your meal.

3.     Pistachio Drinks

Give pistachios a good blitz in a blender to make your favourite drink – milk shake, smoothie, cocktail or mocktail. The nutty flavour and crunchy texture of pistachios will liven up any beverage you’ll make with them.
4.     Pistachio Sauce

Just like so many other foods, you can turn pistachios into a paste and use it as an accompaniment for various meals. Pair it with chips, pour over fish or slather your bread with it to make sandwiches. Get creative and make your meals more interesting with pistachio sauce.
Enjoy a hale and hearty diet even if you trying to lose weight. Opt for delicious and healthful foods like pistachios to make your fitness journey easier and enjoyable.

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