Prepare These Natural Hair Oils To Fight Hair Fall And Other Hair Problems

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Hair fall is affecting both men and women equally. Uncontrolled hair fall can be extremely stressful. You might be looking for the best way to fight hair fall. There are many methods and home remedies available to fight hair fall. When it comes to hair care routine to control hair fall oiling should be an essential part. Oiling is extremely necessary for proper hair growth. It stimulates hair growth. When you massage hair oil to your scalp the blood circulation improves which promotes hair growth. Oiling also provides the right nourishment to your hair and scalp. Regular oiling can give you stronger and frizz-free hair. You can prepare your own oils to increase the functioning of your hair oil. Adding a few ingredients which promote hair growth to your hair oil will give you greater benefits. Try these natural hair growth oils to promote hair growth.

1. Curry leaves hair oil

Curry leaves are loaded with vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, calcium and nicotinic acid. These leaves can work wonders for your hair and contribute to hair growth. Preparing hair oil with curry leaves and coconut oil can give you amazing results. Take some coconut oil and heat it. Just after few minutes add a handful of curry leaves to it. Now heat the mixture properly until you see a black residue. Later allow the oil to cool down properly. Store this oil properly to use later. Use this as normal hair oil. Store it in a clean jar so that you can use it many times.

2. Onion oil for hair growth

Onion is a popular remedy for hair fall. Onion juice is widely used for controlling hair fall. You can add the benefits of onion to your oil. To prepare onion oil for hair growth you need to first heat coconut oil. Add some chopped onions to the hot coconut oil. Along with onion, you can also add some curry leaves. Heat the mixture similarly like the earlier one until you see a black residue around the curry leaves. Later strain the mixture and store the oil in a clean container. Use this oil like any other oil for better hair growth.

3. Hibiscus hair oil

Hibiscus is a colourful flower which is good for hair growth. It improves scalp health and stimulates hair growth. To prepare hibiscus hair oil you need to take some hibiscus flowers and crush them until you get a smooth paste. Heat some coconut oil and add the paste to it. Keep it on the heat for some time. Later allow the oil to cool down and separate the oil from the flower paste. Use this oil few hours before washing your hair. Massage it properly on your air and scalp.

These oils are prepared with natural ingredients to promote hair growth. These will not have any side effects after using but if you face any side effect stop using the oil.

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