Sham-e-Awadh: A Must Try Awadhi Food Festival

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Shaam-e-Awadh Food Festival, on at Seasonal Tastes, has been curated by the hotel’s new Indian Master Chef Sadab Qureshi. Chef Qureshi belongs to Lucknow and hopes to bring to the festival nuances of Awadhi cuisinethat often go unnoticed. A wide range of Awadhi masterpieces are a part of the festival; these include non-veg classics like Kakori Kebab, and Gosht ke Pasinde, and vegetarian dishes such as Baingan Sharaaf, Subz Lifafa and Dum ke Lukhmi Kofte.

My favourites from the menu include Galawat kebabs, Kakori Kebabs, Gosht Biryani, and Nalli Nihari. Interestingly, some of the hits from the festival will also be a part of the banquet menu even after the festival is over.

Awadhi food, or food from the land of the nawabs, is a cuisine that celebrates delicate flavours. The Lucknow ki biryani is known for its flavourful grains of rice and does not use ittar (also known as attar) like its Hyderabadi counterpart. The kakori and galawat are soft and melt-in-your-mouth kebabs that, if popular legends are to be believed, were created for a nawab who felt insulted after a British officer called his kebabs chewy. Whatever may have been the reason for its invention, Awadhi cuisine is richer for having the kakoris, and we have no reason to complain!

I remember when The Westin launched in 2009-10, there was a lot of attention on the food – Food also conducted its flagship Food Awards here for three years in a row. Over the years, with more competition in the area, the restaurants seemed to be the stand-out food hubs in Gurgaon no longer. Now, with a brand new team, helmed by their new general manager Rahul Puri and executive chef Anurudh Khanna, the focus seems to be back to the culinary side of things.

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