The Signature Story.

Written by Taasir

Taasir English News Network | 24 Jun 2021

The Signature Story One Stop Destination For The Bollywood & Showbiz Updates

We all want to know about star life, their routine, and upcoming projects. There are so much gossip, buzz and rumors around where we all strive to get the true and relevant updates. The Signature Story is a digital news media platform founded by extremely talented and passionate Journalist Paayel.

The platform is full of interviews and chit chat sessions with celebrities where they talk about their journey, struggle, love life and their upcoming projects.

The online media has different works over different aspects of the showbiz industry and Bollywood.

Seasoned personalities like Manoj Bajpayee, Gurmeet Choudhary, Geeta Phogaat, and many more have come to the platform talking about many interesting things.

All the Bollywood fans can know every exclusive update streaming live on their YouTube channel.

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