This Pain Relieving Herbal Supplement Is Not Safe: Know How To Use Herbal Supplements Safely

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Herbal supplements are usually used to avoid the side effects of pills. But before using herbal supplements for treatment you need to know the right method to use herbal supplements. Most herbal supplements usually do not have any side effects. But a recent study highlighted that a herb ‘kratom’ which is used to treat pain and opioid addiction is not safe. The study evaluated the possible side effects of using this herb. The study further elaborated that a person may experience vomiting, toxicity, hallucinations and agitation after using kratom.

The study was published in the journal Pharmacotherapy. Researchers from Binghamton University contributed to the study. The research explained that kratom is derived from the plants but one must understand the possible side effects.

How to use herbal supplements safely?

You must know the do’s and don’ts of using herbal supplements. There are certain precautions you should be aware of. Here are some tips to use herbal supplements in the right way.

1. Consult your doctor first

You should not choose herbal supplements own your own. Consult a doctor first to avoid any complication. If you face any early side effect after consumption of the herbal supplement advised by your doctor you must stop its use and consult your doctor immediately.

2. Follow the instruction properly

Before adding the herbal supplements to your daily routine you must read carefully all the instruction mentioned on the supplement. Also, make a point that you do not miss any of the precautions suggested by your doctor. Keep a mark of the date and time as well.

3. Evaluate your other health conditions

You must ls examine your other health conditions before taking herbal supplements. If you are consuming other medications then a doctor’s recommendations are essential before you start herbal supplements.

If you are pregnant or suffering from any chronic illness, do not choose herbal supplements without your doctor’s recommendation.

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