Trying for a good internship? Be ready to meet these people

Written by Taasir
From the considerable and the dreadful to the enthusiastic, these people either transform into your amigos everlastingly or that one young woman on FB you declined to unfriend in light of the fact that you secretively expected to see photographs of her ugly makeup.
Here, we observe 8 sorts of individuals you meet amid your internship programme:

  1. The known guy: The world seems small when you meet that guy from the college you know just by face. They can then either become your close buddy or the one you hate the most out of the whole lot.
  2. The vanishing magician: He is visible on the first and the last few days of the whole period.
  3. Social butterfly: The only agenda is to make friends and to make more friends. More than the actual work, the thing that makes them busy is knowing people and building networks.
  4. Nepotism, they call it: So this person is here only because of his references. They’ll be greeted by their pet name by the boss and that’s how it goes.
  5. The universal crush: With the perfect hair and outfit, this person will be a bit shy to talk to everyone at first. Eventually, that person will become the reason you’re carrying yourself well till the last day.
  6. Not interested one: This one is available almost everywhere. With zero interest, they just grab a seat for the sake of a ‘certificate’ as one of their college requirements.
  7. The show off: Will endlessly try to show you how skilled they are.
  8. The gossiper: This clad will talk about the boss, his assistant, the kitchen boy, the executives and obviously the co-interns. They have news about everybody.

Did these eight characteristics remind you of someone? Also, now you understand your type.

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