VIT-AP University Celebrates University Day

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Taasir English News Network | Abdul Ahad | 01 June 2022

VIT-AP University celebrated its fifth University day on a colourful note on Wednesday, 1st June, 2022. Vidadala Rajani, Minister for Health, Family Welfare & Medical Education Govt. of An-dhrapradesh inaugurated the Innovation and Incubation Centre and Centres of Excellence as the Chief Guest. Addressing the gathering she said that VIT stands for its quality teaching and innova-tive ideas to make future generation knowledgeable and competent enough to face global compe-tition. Happy to know that inspite of the pandemic that unhindered education has been imparted to the extent that the Second graduating batch of students achieved a total of1321 placements offers with 638 Super Dream and Dream offers. She also emphasised that students should come up with new ideas and to become techpreneurs with start-up companies. Our CM’s vision is to provide quality education and to empower education system. Nadu Nedu to improve infrastruc-ture in Govt. schools and Jagananna Vidya Deevena and Ammavodi schemes are a few among that gave opportunity to many students.

Dr. Vundavalli Sridevi, MLA, Tadikonda during her address guided the students to be multi-talented, always be faithful and be strong whatever you do. She also said VIT stands for Vision, In-novation and Transformation. Keep working, things will come on its way. VIT-AP’s vital infrastruc-ture and experienced faculty are helping students to become globally competent.

Venkataramanan Venugopal, Director, Electrical Design software, Schneider Electric told that
Never ever stop learning. Continuous learning and regular updating skills are essential to lead the competition.

Dr. G Viswanathan, Founder & Chancellor VIT told that VIT-AP has provided world class infrastruc-ture for the 7888 students from 28 states, 5 Union Territories and nine foreign countries and Facul-ty from 23 states and one foreign country along with 81 clubs and chapters to keep students thoughtful and resourceful in attaining the practical knowledge and creating holistic education. With the mission to successfully develop rapidly scalable new businesses, new avenues for jobs, and produce technological innovations that lead to the socio-economic development of the Nation, VIT-AP University has inaugurated the Innovation and Incubation Centre at the University premises with a dedicated space of 10,000 sq. ft. As a first cycle, a total of 6 start-ups, namely, Energy Efficient e-Bike, Automatic Water Level Controller, Mukham, Smart Agro, Social Distancing Alert System, Anti Suicide Fan Rod, are launched during the event of inauguration happened on 01-06-2022.

Sankar Viswanathan, Vice President, VIT-AP University said that skilled youth with ethics and val-ues is important for the development and the progress of a nation. Students, Researchers, Profes-sors and staff were awarded for their performances. The achievers have been awarded with 148 Academic awards, 13 Endowment awards, 143 research awards to faculty and scholars, 42 perfor-mance awards to Staff and appreciation certificates in academic, research, co-curricular, special achievements were given. 31 faculty, 3 staff who have completed 5 years of their service are also honoured.

Dr. S.V. Kota Reddy, Vice-chancellor, VIT-AP University presented the Annual report and said that during the last five years University has been able to expand connections through MoU’s with for-eign universities and Industry tie-ups. along with best in class infrastructure. These collaborations from all the Schools with various partners help us understand the need of the industry and also give students the required exposure to subjects that are the need of the present and immediate future. VIT-AP University has established three Centres of Excellence(CoE)in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and Cyber Security. VIT-AP University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Intel to set up CoE in IoT & Boston IT Solutions on 18-11-2021. It aims to work towards to facilitate development opportunity on Industry collaborations in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and IoT to provide hands on learning opportunities to the students and faculty, exchange of resources and knowledge sharing between the institutions.
Some of the projects that have been successfully completed in AIR Center are TARS, VISU, Vinci-X, Project Dante, Cerebro. Some ongoing projects under IoT, AIR and Cyber Security Centers include Smart Mask, Smart & Precision farming, Autonomous Healthcare systems, DDoS prevention tool, Standalone sandbox, MCaptcha, Supply Chain Security & Asset management, Wireless Security tools. Ten patents and seventeen research papers have been published through these CoEs and few more are under process.

Dr. CLV Sivakumar, Registrar, Dr. Anupama Namburu, Asst, Director-Student Welfare, Directors, Deans, Faculty, Students and staff were also present.

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