Want To Achieve A Flat Stomach, Shiny, Thick Hair And Glowing Skin? Rujuta Diwekar Tells All About Them

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Can eating according to ancient traditions lead to good hair, good skin and flat stomach? Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says that they it definitely can, as part of one of her recent live videos on Facebook and Instagram. The time that you eating your meals in, the training that you are engaged in and your bed time are all influencing factors of your skin, hair and health quality. Rujuta goes on to answer some common questions which people ask about achieving good skin and hair. In each of the tips given below, it has to be noted that what is good for hair will also be good for skin and will aid achieving a flat stomach.

The skin, being the largest organ of the body, tells more about your health than anything else.

1. People who are over-exercising and are following a bad diet will have more acne on their skin. This usually happens when you are on a food group or a nutrient-based diet – which requires eliminating one or two food groups or eating more of some food groups. Being on such diets impact your digestionand hormonal balance in the body. If your diet is helping you lose weight but also giving you poorer skin, it is an indication that you might end up in bigger problems in the long run.

2. For good skin, start your day with soaked raisins and kesar (saffron). The two provide the body with adequate minerals and flavonoids which are required by the body to balance hormones. It helps you have pain-free period and also improves your skin quality.

3. Also include garden cress seeds or halim in your diet. The best way to eat them is to roll in the form of a laddu, or you can soak a small tsp of garden cress seeds in water and add them in milk or ghee. Garden cress seeds help in improving iron levels in the body. They have an effect which is better than fairness creams on your skin.

4. Homemade achar is also good for health. It helps in maintaining good diversity in gut bacteria. Prepare achar in the traditional oil in which your grandmother was preparing it along with using Himalayan salt or a less refined version of salt. A healthy gut flora helps in improving sleep and assimilation of Vitamin D in the body. Improved sleep quality can help in improving skin quality. Good sleep has an anti-ageing effect on the skin.

What you should do for good hair?

1. According to Rujuta, simple and plain dal chawal and ghee work the best for achieving good hair. This combination has miraculous effects on your skin. Eating rice helps you have good skin, hair and even good sleep.

2. Also, methi or fenugreek seeds can help in improving hair quality. Avoid having soaked fenugreek seeds as they are not going to be helpful. You can have it in the form of laddu, or add them in dishes which have fenugreek seeds as an ingredient. These dishes include pumpkin sabzi. Fenugreek seeds work effectively when they are eaten with essential fats.

3. Haldi or turmeric has beautiful effects on hair. You can include turmeric in your diet by preparing your vegetables in the traditional way, along with drinking turmeric milk or haldi doodh.

4. Coconut is also great for both skin and hair.

How to achieve a flat stomach?

Anything that takes you away from achieving a flat stomach is a diet which is ruining your metabolic health. Many people are bloated most of the times.

1. People should try and seek consistent loss of fat from the mid-section of the body. Work towards developing your flexibility in the hamstrings for this. You will have to commit yourself to a proper asana (yoga) routine or a stretching routine.

2. For achieving flexible hamstrings, you need to wear lesser heals. Opt for wearing comfortable footwear and avoid sitting at one place for too long. Stay more active and mobile in case you wish to achieve a flat stomach.


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