When Is the Best Time to Take Proteins?

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Taasir Urdu News Network | Uploaded on 12-September-2018

Taking protein is one thing, knowing when to it is another. A lot of the effectiveness of protein on your body depends on when you took it. When it comes to dietary supplements like protein, knowing what to take and when to take it makes a good deal of the difference. But the strange thing here is the fact that this commonly asked question does not have a universal answer. The ideal time to take protein depends on your health goals. Here we define which time will be best for you to take protein with reference to your health goals.

1. When you take protein in the morning

If you are aiming for weight loss, you must take protein in the morning. Research shows that this keeps you full for longer and reduces your appetite. As a result, you consume lesser calories. This also boosts your body metabolism. Besides this, taking protein in the morning supports strength and promotes the formation of muscle mass. Taking protein as the first thing in the morning promotes better body mass and strength in athletes.

2. Taking protein throughout the day

If you wish to get more energy, you must take protein throughout the day. If your regular diet does not make up for the energy that you require, you must find a way to include more proteins in your diet. Take 5 small meals every three hours, and we mean meals enriched with protein. Besides this, it could also promote weight loss. If your source of energy is proteins, not carbs, you tend to lose more weight over time.

3. Taking protein before workout

For more effective workouts, take protein before you hit the gym. Plan your pre-workout meal with a protein shake and oats or some brown rice to fuel your workouts. Taking this meal just 45 minutes before workout will help you aim for harder workouts.

4. Proteins after workout

After a long and tiring workout session, you need to allow your body to recover from it. Post-workout hours are when your muscles are in need of proteins, so feeding them at this time will help you get optimum results. Post-workout protein meal will promote better muscles growth and quick recovery.

5. Proteins before bed

Taking protein supplements right before bedtime can in fact promote better recovery. Besides, this is when the proteins are digested by your muscles. So muscle growth is also promoted.

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