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“TAASIR” – A leading National Urdu Daily

About Taasir

“TAASIR” is a multi edition and one of the leading National Urdu dailies of India. Taasir was first launched at Patna the capital city of Bihar. First issue of Taasir was published on 5th January 2013 and circulated within the city only. Gradually more and more readers began to like the News contents of Taasir and fascinated with its nice look as which was being published not only on broad sheet but also on internet as epaper. In this way in a very short span of time, readers of all corners of Bihar started to search this paper in the market and requested to supply the same to their regular hawkers. Readers, where Taasir was not reaching on that moment began to read this Newspaper online to satiate themselves. In this way from one to others popularity of Taasir started to reach outside Bihar state and then the publisher of this Newspaper started its edition from the Capital of India i.e. New Delhi. After this Taasir did not see back and went on running to cover other States of India in view of demand from the readers.

This Newspaper is currently being published from eight States of India which include Patna and Muzaffarpur in Bihar, New Delhi in Delhi, Bengaluru in Karnataka, Gangtok in Sikkim, Guwahati in Assam, Ranchi in Jharkhand, Howrah in West Bengal and Chennai in Tamil Nadu with upcoming editions of Mumbai in Maharashtra and Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir. In this way Taasir has become one of the largest groups of Urdu daily and it formed a group namely “Taasir Group”. Publishing from the eight States of India Taasir has now become from Regional to National Urdu daily.

“Taasir” is one of the most popular and largest circulated India’s leading Urdu daily which cover almost all the Districts, Blocks and all the villages of the above states Some of the editions of Taasir is covering more than three States alone. For example Patna edition of Taasir covers Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand besides Bihar.

As mentioned above besides broad sheet, the Newspapers are available on internet also for its e-Paper readers. e-Paper URL of Taasir is http://www.epaper.taasir.com

Because of regular updates on e-Paper we are getting enormous response from all over the world where Urdu readers of Indian origin are present. Among many countries some of them are Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Bahren, Canada, Musqat, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa etc.

TAASIR is also very active on different social Networking sites like face book, Google plus, LinkedIn, twitter, YouTube, instagram etc. Day to Day News and updates are available on these social networking sites. More than 5 lacs users are sharing, liking and updating, exchanging their comments from the Taasir social network connections. Day to day videos are available on TAASIR YouTube channel.



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You Tube link https://www.youtube.com/c/TAASIRROZNAMA

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LinkedIn link https://www.linkedin.com/in/taasir-urdu-daily-97b674a6

Instagram link https://instagram.com/taasirpatna

In view of popularity and good works of Taasir,  Directorate of Advertising and visual publicity, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India has also empanelled Taasir Patna, Delhi and Muzaffarpur edition to receive regular Government advertisements. Other editions are also under process of empanelment under DAVP. Taasir Patna has also approved by Information and Public Relation Department, Govt. of Bihar for publication of Government advertisements on regular basis.

With good circulation and high demand from the readers and regular supply of Taasir Patna edition in Uttar Pradesh, Information and Public Relations Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh has also been providing Government advertisements to Taasir.


Advantages Of Taasir Branding

  • Reach: Advertising in Taasir Newspaper in Patna offer the broadest reach of any mass medium.
  • Affordability: Taasir Newspaper campaigns in Patna can be tailored to any budget. The medium offers a variety of ad sizes to fit your budget ad goals, from a one-column-inch ad to two full-page ads side by side. Since Taasir Newspaper advertising in Patna is so affordable, it is an ideal medium to build “top of mind” awareness with frequency campaigns.
  • Flexibility and Timeless: Adverts in Taasir Newspaper in Patna offer enormous flexibility in content, design, placement and frequency. Plus, Taasir Newspaper Patna is a “rapid response” medium – you can refine your message or change your whole campaign in just two days.
  • Impact and Effectiveness: Readers rely on Taasir Newspaper for shopping information more than other media.Combining text and visuals, well-designed creative ads engage your customers on many levels – emotional and intellectual.
  • Target potential customers: Using techniques such as contextual targeting, it’s possible to deliver your ads only to the people most likely to buy from you. That cuts out waste and saves you money.

Types Of Taasir Newspaper Advertisements:

  • Business Card Advertising: These are the ads to give a brief description on who you are, where you are and what you sell. You can always include the logo.
  • Coupon Advertising: Coupon offer is also one of the easiest ads to track the effectiveness because the customer has to present the coupon to get the deal. You can count the number of coupons received as a true metric of your advertising.
  • Sale Advertising: Instead of offering a discount to a particular customer like the Coupon Ad, the Sale Ad is open to the entire public.
  • Spotlight Advertising: This looks good as a larger display ad run just a few times each year.
  • Informational Advertising: Commonly referred to as an advertorial, this ad is written in a journalistic style making it read like an article instead of an advertisement.