RoundGlass Punjab Hockey Academy Organizes Workshop For Grassroots Coaches


Jalandhar, November 25: Over the course of two days, RoundGlass Punjab Hockey Academy (RGPHA) orchestrated an enriching workshop in Jalandhar, bringing together 30 aspiring coaches from various corners of Punjab. The workshop, conducted under the expert guidance of Mr. G.S. Sangha, an Educator with the International Hockey Federation, Mr. Shiv Jagdev, Former Coach of the USA Hockey Team, and Mr. Dinesh, Head of Hockey Coaching Program at the National Institute of Sports, Patiala, aimed to fortify the foundational skills of the coaches while shedding light on the tactical and technical intricacies of the game.

Hailing from different grassroots and development centers of RGPHA scattered across Punjab, the attending coaches were united in a collective effort to bolster their understanding of the game. The comprehensive two-day workshop not only focused on refining the coaches’ basics but also delved into the strategic dimensions of hockey. The immersive experience aimed to empower the coaches, equipping them to impart their newfound knowledge to the emerging hockey talents of the state.

Dronacharya Rajinder Singh, the Assistant Technical Director of RGPHA and a Gold medalist from the 1980 Olympics, shared his reflections on the workshop, stating, “It has been an extraordinary opportunity for the coaches affiliated with RGPHA’s grassroots and development centers. The insights gained from such distinguished educators will undoubtedly enhance their capabilities, enabling them to mentor and nurture the budding hockey stars across Punjab.