Fatwa Issued Against Producers-Directors of Film “The Diary of West Bengal” from Pakistan


Mumbai, April 6, 2024: The film “The Diary of West Bengal” produced by Vasim Rizvi and Sanoj Mishra will be released on April 27.

Today, a press conference was held in Mumbai at the Country Club Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, regarding the Bollywood film “The Diary of West Bengal,” with the entire team present. In recent days, there have been discussions surrounding the Bollywood film “The Diary of West Bengal.” Although the film has been through the censor board, the board has not issued a certificate for its release. The producers-directors have faced exhaustion dealing with the censor board, but the chairman of the censor board, Prasoon Joshi, or his team, are refraining from making any comments on the film. Consequently, the producers are suffering significant financial losses due to the delay in the film’s release.

Concerning this issue, a press conference was organized in Mumbai today with the entire team of the film “The Diary of West Bengal” present. Speaking about the film, the producer Vasim Rizvi, also known as Jitendra Narayan Singh, stated that they had made a film based on true events, and for that, a terrorist organization, Jamia Darul Uloom, situated in Karachi, Pakistan, has issued a fatwa and threatened not to release the film. It begs the question: Will we now have to seek permission from terrorist organizations in Pakistan to produce and release films in India? Should we interpret that the people of West Bengal are being dictated by terrorist organizations from Pakistan, as the government of Mamata Banerjee is hindering the film’s release? If everything is going well in West Bengal, then why is the Mamata government not allowing our film to be released? Why is Mamata Banerjee’s government interfering with our team? Have we committed any crime by making this film? Why is the Mamata government not providing a clear reason? If the West Bengal government is not helping Rohingyas and Bangladeshi infiltrators, why doesn’t it openly admit it? Why is it hell-bent on portraying our film as propaganda without releasing it?

Speaking about the subject matter of the film “The Diary of West Bengal,” the director Sanoj Mishra appeared quite enthusiastic. He said that we have made a film based on a very real event, where we have indicated the growing organized crime and targeted violence in West Bengal. Now, this might upset those who are their patrons, so what should we do? When films like Mission Kashmir, Haider, Udta Punjab, Kashmir Files, and The Kerala Story can be released, then what harm is there in releasing our film? We have also raised an issue; did we show anything beyond humanity in the film? Did those other films receive special treatment? We should also be allowed to release our film. My film is fully ready and will be released on April 27 across India. All preparations have been made.

The actor Yajur Marwah of the film “The Diary of West Bengal” said that he is particularly excited about this film, as he got the opportunity to play a lead role in a film based on a true event for the first time. Since then, he has become very sensitive to such incidents. The film should have been released by now. The actress Arshin Mehta said that such films are not made often. We have done justice to our characters to a great extent. The Diary of West Bengal will shed light on the truth there. We were planning to release the film in February so that people across the country could see it and share their opinions, but now everything is not in our hands anymore! We have acted in our part; now we hope the film will be released soon.

Vasim Rizvi Films presents the film “The Diary of West Bengal,” produced by Vasim Rizvi, alias Jitendra Narayan Singh. Co producer chhatrapal Suryavanshi, The writer and director of the film is Sanoj Mishra. The cast of the film includes Arshin Mehta, Yajur Marwah, Deepak Kamboj, Alfiya Shaikh, Garima Kapoor, Reena Bhattacharya, Gauri Shankar, Dev Faujdar, Anil Anjuna, Sanju Solanki, Dr. Ramendra Chakravarti, Deepak Sutha, Jitendra Narayan Singh, Janardan Singh Mayur, Anuj Dixit, and Neet Mahal. The co-producers of the film are Kshatrapal Suryavanshi, Sanjay Kumar, and Arjun Singh. The cinematographer is Satyapal Singh, the editor is Ranjeet Prasad, and the music composers are A.R. Datta and P.R.O. Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.