The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu graced and addressed the third convocation of Central University of South Bihar at Gaya, Bihar today (October 20, 2023).

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that since ancient times Bihar has been known for nurturing talents. She added that on the soil of Bihar, great scholars like Chanakya and Aryabhata made revolutionary contributions in the fields of society and state system as well as mathematics and science. She said that all feel proud that the world’s first democratic systems flourished on the land of Bihar.

The President said that on this sacred land Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha had given the message of peace, non-violence, compassion and love. She added that Mahatma Gandhi gave new dimensions to their message of ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharma’. She highlighted that the teachings of Lord Mahavir, Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi are even more relevant today and taking forward this rich heritage of our country could help in world’s welfare. She said that young students are the bearers of these rich traditions. They can choose and play their role in making a better society, country and world. She urged students to include the values of social welfare and philanthropy in their goals along with their individual progress. She said that efforts to achieve such overall goals would prove their education meaningful and open the doors of success.  The President said that today, talented people of Bihar are contributing to the fourth industrial revolution in India and abroad. The enterprising people of the state have made their mark at the world level. She stated that establishing such global standards of progress at the local level should be the aim of all. She urged the students of South Bihar Central University to play an active role in this transformational period.

The President said that many countries are facing issues of talent shortage. The talented and hardworking youth of India are making invaluable contributions to many economies of the world and to the progress of knowledge and science. Today India is the fifth largest and fastest growing major economy in the world. Our national goal is to soon become the third largest economy in the world. Our youth would play an important role in achieving this goal. She said that students can benefit the country from demographic dividend by properly utilizing their abilities.

Speaking on the issue of climate change, the President said that at individual and collective level, all of us have to adopt such a lifestyle and do such work which can lead to optimal use of natural resources and maximum conservation and promotion.