Distinguished Recognition for Dr. Vikram Singh, Chancellor of Noida International University



Uttar Pradesh, November 27, 2023 – In a momentous event held on November 24, 2023, Dr Vikram Singh, the esteemed Chancellor of Noida International University, was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented by Mr. Kundan Kumar, IAS, Resident Commissioner, Government of Bihar, in recognition of Dr. Singh’s outstanding contributions to education and society.

Dr. Singh’s visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape of Noida International University. His unwavering commitment to excellence in education has garnered widespread acclaim, making him a beacon in the field.

Mr. Kundan Kumar, IAS, Resident Commissioner, Government of Bihar, presented the award, acknowledging Dr. Vikram Singh’s exemplary dedication and transformative impact in the realm of education.

This distinguished recognition not only honours Dr. Singh’s remarkable career but also serves as a testament to the enduring legacy he has created at Noida International University.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries and faculty members who joined together to celebrate this momentous occasion. Dr. Singh expressed gratitude for the award, emphasizing the collective efforts of the university community in achieving milestones under his leadership.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a fitting tribute to Dr. Vikram Singh’s tireless pursuit of academic excellence, and it stands as a testament to his enduring influence in shaping the future of education.