DSG undergoes a makeover by changing its logo for the first time


Delhi, June 27, 2024: Digital Gramin Seva, DGS redefined its identity by unveiling its logo on Tuesday, June 25, 2024 which refreshed its identity of serving people and making them aware with an experience of digital services.

Digital Gramin Seva (DGS), a digital service provider, announced that they had made a new modification to their logo which marks a significant milestone. Earlier, the logo was themed with orange and green colors signifying nationalism. Now, the new logo consists of some innovation that symbolizes the networking and growth in the number of people who started using digital services which is the result of DGS’s team dedicatedly working to make people aware of the digital services for which they don’t need to go here and there.

According to Mr. Om Narayan Singh, Founder of Digital Gramin Seva, IMOC Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.– We are dedicated to giving employment to the people and have facilities for rural people so that they do not have to cover large distances for baking services. Our new logo signifies that we are progressing and increasing the digital services pan India to give digital banking and non-banking services to the people. Our high connectivity and the trust of people made us achieve greater heights and still, we are continuously improving day by day. The new logo will give us more hope to make people self-reliant and be the best digital service provider in the world of digitalization.

The green color in the logo signifies the nature and roots of our tradition and country. It signifies growth and new beginnings by staying connected. The blue color in the logo signifies and shows our stability in the market which inspires us to stay confident and ensure that people can rely on us and our services. The orange color in the logo signifies the enthusiasm and dedication we have to showcase our work and proudly stand in the market with a family of more than 1 million people.

This significant transformation will prove to be the turning point of the company that embraces the power of digitalization for people to get an impactful change